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Stay informed with the latest updates and key insights from our monthly firefighter chief report. Discover how we are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.
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Chief's Report

Welcome to the Schodack Landing Fire Company’s Chief report. This report is designed to keep our community and department members informed about the latest activities, achievements, and important information from our company.

We believe that transparency and communication are vital to maintaining a strong relationship with the community we serve. Thank you for your continued support and interest in our efforts.

Key Statistics for the Month

Here are some of the key statistics from our recent activities:

Incidents Responded To

Drill Hours Completed

Community Events

New Volunteers Joined

Monthly Highlights

Explore the significant events and achievements from the past month at Schodack Landing Fire Company.


A Birthday Parade

To honor a member of our community, a parade was held to celebrate her 100th Birthday.


Friday Night at the Park
Our crew had another successful Friday Night at the Park, we served a bunch of families and friends from our community and, we thank them for their support!


A new interior firefighter.
Our member, Anthony Kourmoulakis, successfully completed his (IFO) interior firefighter training and has earned his Firefighter 1 certification, this is a huge commitment and a much needed benefit to our company, we thank him for his dedication to fire service!


Friday Nights in the Park
Our Friday Nights in the Park startup again next month, so we are currently going through all of our food prep equipment making sure we are ready to serve our community over the next few months.


Banquet Results
We tried out a new location for our annual banquet, and agreed that it was ultimately a success. We would be happy to do it there again next year!

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